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Fix..Fix..Fix.. [1000+ Download + New MLP Project revealled]

As much as I’m trying to fix iPhone Ponies. I found out that Apple was partly their fault because of the lack of support for .gifs. Thus, it works on newer devices aka iPhone 4 and newer. 

Also, thanks for downloading. As much as I’m sorry for the issue, I am more motivated then ever, by starting  to develop my secret project. And what it is you might ask?

My Little Pony: Secrets of Equestria

A brand new game in the works.

Just look out for teases and leaks. c:

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2 Instances of iPhone Ponies.

UPDATE: Will delete iPhone Ponies from Bigboss. Yes shame. But I’ll keep it in ModMyI forever and well, update it. For now bigboss iPhone Ponies is dead. Avoid it please. Just download the proper and updated version. Sorry in advanced. I should have made my own repo..

Well, Bigboss actually did published iPhone Ponies too. So probably there are 2 instances of iPhone Ponies. Don’t be alarmed. I will just update them both you know. Oh well. Might as well too.

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