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The wait is over… soon.

on September 25, 2012

That’s right. It’s submitted and awaiting approval. 😀

Sorry for the delay, was truly busy.

So here’s the FAQ/Read me:
F.A.Q/Read me


Well wow. I was expecting iPhone Ponies to be released a few hours after submission but NOPE.


Something’s wrong with the server.

So I re-uploaded it to a more ‘trusty’ server. Anyways, keep a look out on ModMyI on Cydia.



2 responses to “The wait is over… soon.

  1. Senryuu Aisis says:

    Just in case you can see the file ;

    iPhone Ponies

    Made by Mathias Panzenböck
    Twitter: @bloodyalbatross
    Email: grosser.meister.morti@gmx.net

    Ported by sfiq12
    Twitter: @sfiq12
    Email: sfiq12@gmail.com

    Port based on Browser Ponies:

    Browser Ponies lets you place ponies on websites (see the ponies here). You can create a bookmarklet which adds your favourite ponies to any website.

    This is a reimplementation of Desktop Ponies in JavaScript. It doesn’t behave exactly like the original but is close enough (no games and no cursor avoidance etc.).

    Browser Ponies work best with Google Chrome, but they also work okay in Mozilla Firefox. The artwork used is from Desktop Ponies, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is © by Hasbro and Lauren Faust.


    Browser Ponies and iPhone Ponies are based on Desktop Ponies which is an application where some of the ponies from My Little Ponies: Friendship is Magic will walk around your screen while acting out some small scenes from the series.
    It was created by an unknown user on the Ponychan website.

    This port uses Browser Ponies Source and in no way I’m the owner of it. Mathias Panzenböck allowed me to develop this project and distribute it.
    If you actually paid for this, you must demand for a refund as this port is COMPLETELY NON-COMMERCIAL, as in no profit will be made at all.


    Note: Really, without Mathias Panzenböck, creator of Browser Ponies, and the unknown creator of Desktop Ponies, this will never have existed.


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