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Bad news

Well, while working on a upgrade for Ponify My iPhone to actually flash the ponies then their mane’s color (is that right?). I decided to revert to the old (not saved) backup and compile the thing together. Something went wrong and nothing works. Literally. I had to restore the tweak to the beta version I uploaded online. Well, I’m trying to recover up the current work. 😐

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More about the project

Well, definitely it will start off very simple and and then advance. I’ve been a developer for less than a month and actually made some good progress. I will update this blog again when I have the source out yey.
But for now. Here’s a simple update that took me ages to get working.


Also, :cough: Hint :cough:
Bugged but works on the iPad only. :/


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Welcome to Ponify My iPhone site!

Hello there! I’m sfiq12 and here to present a Cydia Jailbreak Tweak called Ponify My iPhone! It’s currently in its final development stage and that you can expect release very soon. Well, what is Ponify My iPhone anyways!?

Ponify My iPhone is started out as a self initiated project because I was engrossed with being a programmer. I ended up playing with codes and stuff and apparently I was struck by this idea. After seeing the positive comments from the local Bronies here, I was motivated to finish up this work. It will be free and open sourced (Yes, no so called ‘SHUDDUP AND TAKE MY MONEY’ is necessary).

Well, what is Ponify My iPhone anyways!? Well, it was originally supposed to be a port for Desktop Ponies but, being a new developer and all that make it impossible for now 😉 😉 (Hint). So what I did was did a simple Color flash towards the Main Characters of My Little Pony. But wait. The original code was really simple. Just flashes the usual white screen when a certain function is being hooked (Attached to). I thought to myself. I must change the colors to the Main characters. So I did. It flashed only 1 color, which is Twilight’s color. I did a bit of research and changed the code a whole bunch. It ended up perfect as it flashes all the Main Characters color. Purple for twilight, Cyan for Rainbow Dash and etc. Only problem is Pinky Pie. (Apparently, ‘Pink‘ don’t work so I used Magenta :l) And it’s all completely random so yeah. Every time you launch an app, the screen will flash a random color. I’m currently polishing up the code and when it’s released on Bigboss, I’ll release the source and add more functionality.

Please ask some questions about this tweak. I’ll be posting a FAQ about this. See ya all soon iPhone/iPad/iPod users. 😉